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Migration Gateways specializes in skilled migration visas to Australia. We have assisted hundreds of families to successfully relocate to Australia on various types of visas.There are many occupations that are in high demand that many Expats in UAE and other GCC countries may qualify to apply. Also, there are a number of qualifications awarded by the Universities & Institutes of India, Pakistan, Philippines,Egypt,Lebanon,Morocco,Sudan,Yemen,Kenya, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka that Australia regards highly. As a general guide, applicants holding a degree from any recognized University Degree / Diploma or a Trade certificate will have a great chance of fulfilling the migration requirements to Australia.

There are basic requirements that one must fulfill in order to become eligible for migration.

  1. Must be between ages 18~49
  2. Must have been employed in a nominated occupation for at least in the 12 months
  3. Must have a qualification that is recognized by the Australian government
  4. Must have competent English language skills in the form of IELTS or OET

Occupations having a high potential for migration to Australia are;
Medical Professionals, Finance Professionals, Engineering Professionals, IT Professionals, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Senior Managers, Human Resource professionals, Agriculture professionals and Technical Professionals such as Motor Mechanic, Electrician, A/C technicians, Ref Technicians and many more.

Your role
It is essential that you produce a comprehensive CV to our consultants. The CV must particularly emphasize the nature of the duties and tasks undertaken from each employer. The CV will assist us to assess not only your eligibility, but also to give you accurate advice about the type of visa that is applicable. Upon determining the eligibility, we shall send a scope of work to each applicant. This is actually a contract that the applicant themselves signs to appoint Montrela consultants as the migration consultants to handle the visa process on their behalf.

Time taken for the migration process
Total time taken for the process can be about one year. However, the process can vary depending upon the profession, visa type etc.

English language requirement for migration
All applicants applying for Australian Migration must have competent English language skills. This is measured by an IELTS test or OET which can be completed through the British Council in most countries. All professionals must score at least 6 in each component, but in most cases 7 in each component would enable one to meet the points test.

Skilled Visa
In recent years, Australia has become the most popular destination among skilled migrants. The Skilled Migration Program is a Government initiative to identify potential skilled migrants who can make a valuable contribution to the economy and to overcome skill shortages in the workforce. More and more people are seeking employment opportunities in Australia by taking advantage of the skill migration program. You have the opportunity to migrate to Australia, if you are a skilled professional, a tradesperson or an overseas student completing studies for more than two years in Australia. Assess your eligibility instantly for an Australian Skilled Visa.

Business Visa
Australia welcomes business people who can bring business skills, expertise and investment to Australia. Under the new scheme, business migrants are granted a Provisional Visa for four years at the beginning, and after establishing the business or maintaining their investment, they can apply for a Business Skills Residence Visa. There are four business visa categories that fall into this scheme.

  •  Business Owner category
  •  Senior Executive category
  •  Investor Category
  •  Business Talent Category

This visa is given initially for a period of four years as a provisional visa. Once the business is established or the required level of investments is maintained, applicants are eligible to apply for permanent residency under this scheme.

Student Visa

We have also tied up with many Universities and Colleges all around Canada. Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore for higher education and help students and professionals find quality higher educational opportunities/choices at competitive prices worldwide in partnership.

Parent Visa
Parents are entitled for migration to Australia if their children living in Australia are sponsoring them. The children of the applicant must be Australian citizens or a permanent residents. To be eligible for this visa, one must pass the “balance of family test”. Passing the test will mean that the applicants will have more children in Australia than in any part of the world and the sponsors are settled in Australia.

Partner Visa

One will qualify for a spouse visa if;

    • You are married to an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
    • You are in long-term relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
    • You are in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
    • You are in an interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
    Spouse visa is initially given on a temporary basis for two years. If the applicant is able to prove the relationship is ongoing and genuine, at the end of the two-year period, the applicant will be granted a permanent visa.

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